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portrait day 1



  • What have you learnt during this assignment? How has it improved your photography? Your organisational skills? Your productivity?

In this assignment i have learnt about lighting what works what doesn’t. What best picture fits the theme you can trying to express.

I think it has inproved my photography becasue i have a theme to stick to and i had to take pictures that express that and make sure that the picture is showing the word sometimes it didn’t work as well you i think most of my pictures came out fine some i could have put more thought into them but over all i am happy with it.

It did help my organisational skills becasue i had to remember what word for the day was and making sure i take the picture, edit it and write about it. So ti did make me more organised.

  • How can you apply what you’ve learnt to future projects?

I can apply what i have learnt in this project in the future because it has made me more organised and think about my picture and write about them saying what i like and dont like and what went wrong and what didn’t and it helps to be able to judge your own work so it gets better.

DAY30 self portrait


date 22/02/13

location: my house

setting: f.5.6, shutterspeed 1/5, iso 200

I like chose to take a picture of me from the side becasue it looked better then the straight a head ones. I edited it in black and white becasue it looked better than in colour i like that there is a shadow behind me it adds to the picture.

I wanted to take a picture that looked funky and cool but it didnt work so i just kept it simple with a simple background.

DAY29 refine an idea





date: 21/02/13

location: my house

setting: iso 200, f.5.3, shutterspeed 20.

For refine a idea i chose to redo something i hate becasue it was simple and not a lot of thought went into it and i just didn’t like it i tried to take it at a angle that makes it look big and still see the writing. The lighting was just bad as well with a red tint becasue i didnt use a different sause of lighting to shine on it. It also have no meaning it doesn’t have anything to say i might not like beer but theres no narrative to go with it.

The new picture i thing it so much better it is a more interesting to look at and has a more meaningful massage. I don’t hate closeminded people persa but i dont really agree with the way they don’t agree with people who are different and live different lives just becasue it isn’t written down or the way they have been brought up everyone has the right to live a life they choose to live and not have to justify themself to others.

I like how i wrote the words on a hand with spread fingers its like it is right in your face.I chose to right on a hand becasue everyone is human at the end of the day we all have hands it doesn’t matter what you are into.

I used a depth technique so the background is blurred and the hand is the only thing you will notice you can see a bit of a face in the background but it not that notice able.

This picture is way better then the first one it is more thoughtout and has better lighting.




DAY28 lyrics from your favourite song



location: my fridge

setting f,2.6

For the take a picture of your favourite song lyrics its was very hard to think of a song and an idea i dont have a fav song so i picked one i like at the monent. Thinking of how to take the picture was diffcult i had no idea what i was going to do.

So i decided to put it in the fridge becasue it was different i took the picture on my phone becasue my camera died. I still think it is a good quality picture considering the lyrics are clear and you can make out what they say. I like the angle i took it as well at the side a little.

I edited it by just changing the levels a bit. If i did it again i would try something more extreme.

DAY27 friendship


date: 19/02/13

location: my friends house

setting f.2.5

For the friendship theme i went to my friends house and we took lots of silly pictures becasue thats what i think shows friendship when you can take silly pictures and have a laugh with eachother while doing. I took this picture on my phone and i think it is good quality it was a bright day so that made it better.

Its framed well as well i think you can both our faces clearly and we are looking at the camera so it very playful.

If i did it again i might try taking pictures of friendship bracelets on peoples arms and having them linked.

DAY26 family


date: 18/02/13

location: my house

setting: f.6.3, shutterspeed 1/200, iso 400

For the theme of family i took this picture of my mums friend and her son because he is really cute and always smiling. I took it in portrait becasue i didn’t want any unwated background i wanted them to be the main focus and they are. Its a little nosiey but i edited it in black and white anf it think it makes it look better then if it was in colour.

I like that they are smiling and looking at the camera it makes the picture ten times better it also says that the yare comfortable with me because the kid is only 2 and it was hard getting his attention and making him smile but i did it in the right moment. Also the fact they have hare hugging adds a loving feeling its a happy feeling you get from this picture.

I like taking this picture if i did it again i might use more people maybe take some in a situation like a family birthday or something.

DAY25 fashion photography


•             Photographer:  Jon Mold

•             Date taken (approx): unknown

•             Location: unknown

•             What do you like about this photo?  I love this picture I like background its very urban I like how the black wall matches her black cloths but doesn’t clash or is too much because there is other colours in the background like reds and yellows. I like the way her face is not looking at the camera and has a feisty  look on her face can mean that she is serious and a  badass. I like how there is enough background to make the picture but not to much that it takes away the focus on the model.

•             What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work? to use graffiti and models.


•             Photographer: Jon Mold

•             Date taken (approx): unknown

•             Location: unknown

•             What do you like about this photo?  I like the way it is angled and how she is standing and looking at the camera. The background is very colourful but her cloths are brighter so she stands out against it. The way she is looking at the camera can say that she is comfortable with the photographer but means business.

•             What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work? different facial expression adds to the picture.


•             Photographer: designinsperation

•             Date taken (approx): unknown

•             Location: unknown

•             What do you like about this photo?  I like the way the light in the background makes it look like sunrays pointing down to her. I also like that the trees are a little blurry so she stands out more as well as the contrast between her clothes and the greenery in the background. The picture seems very innocent like she is just taking a stroll in the woods.

•             What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work? to use greenery and make models standout from the background.

DAY24 berndnaut smilde


·         Photographer: berndnaut smilde

·         Date taken (approx): unknown

·         Location: unknown

·         What do you like about this photo? I like the different colours but with the smoke it also makes me think of a burning house like there is a fire in the house. The walls and colours make me think like it is a painting instead of photography. You can see the fluffiness of the smoke with the shape of it it really does look like a cloud. It is lit from behind makes it look like it is in the sky. I like how it looks 3d as well. There is lines that lead you to the cloud so it’s the main focus.

·         What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work? I can use the creativity that he used and think outside the box


•           Photographer: berndnaut smilde

•             Date taken (approx): unknown

•             Location: unknown

•             What do you like about this photo. I don’t really like this picture I chose it because I didn’t like it I don’t understand what he is trying to do and say is it that the picture is not good enough to put on the wall I just don’t know. Also why did he choose this composition at a angle is it so you can see the empty walls that seem to go on and on.  

What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? I think I have learnt not every picture has to be amazing some are just simple.


•             Photographer: berndnaut smilde

•             Date taken (approx): unknown

•             Location: unknown

•             What do you like about this photo. I like how the cloud looks like it is being stretched and it looks like there is rain coming out of it.  

•             What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? To use something that is not meant to be inside and try it.

DAY23 nature


date: 15/02/13

location: trent bridge

setting:f. 5.6, iso,200, shutterspeed 1/13

For this theme i went to trent bridge to take pictures of the trees and stuff. I like how i got a wide view of the place so you can see all the tree and the fountains in the distance. This picture does show nature becasue theres grass trees and water no animals though.

If i did it again i would try taking a picture with animals most likey a bird.


DAY22 food



location: my house

setting:f.5,iso 200,shutterspeed 1/8

For the theme of food i had no idea what i was going to picture and as i was eating my breakfast i thought hey why not take a picture of my cereal i like they way i took this you can see everything that is in the bowl including the spoon and milk which tell you it is cereal. This picture looks like it can be used for a advert becasue it makes the product look nice.

I also like how you can’t see the bowl itself makes the cereal the main focus which it is. The lighting is good everything is clear and in focus it also has a lot of texture becasue of all the cereal is all over the place in the bowl.

I wanted to change the colour but it didnt look right when i changed the hue/satuation i also seen how it looked it black and white but it looked werid so i kept it the same colour and didn’t change a thing.

I didn’t really learn anything from this theme to be honest but i did fiddle with the setting to get the picture.